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Anti-Mosquito Net Window Screen

Anti-Mosquito Net Window Screen 1

Anti-Mosquito Net Window Screen

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With our innovative net window screens and other solutions to protect from insects, you can turn your home into a fortress where insects are not allowed to enter. Thanks to the fine-mesh fabric of the fly screens – mosquitoes, flies, wasps, spiders, and other pests don’t stand a chance of entering your living space through windows, doors, or light wells in the basement. You can air your rooms in the summer months without problems and enjoy the warm time of the year without worries and annoying buzzing noise or painful bites!

Durable & Reusable -- Self-Adhesive Mesh Window Curtains is made in good quality material of polyester fiber, the fine mesh could keep the net out in the long term usage without tearing easily, easy to be washed and re-install.

Easy To Install & Remove -- The tapes are self-adhesive, it is convenient to peel off the backing paper and paste them to the clean window frame, and easy to remove when you need to open or close windows.


- Fits most windows: Single/Double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, curved/balcony windows, etc. Best solution for European windows.
- It can be used for windows made of wood, steel, aluminum, UPVC, etc.
- Easy to install. A magnetic window screen can be installed in 15 minutes. Omit time to measure and save money from custom-made window screens.
- Easy to maintain - For day to day use, just wipe with wet cloth or vacuum to remove any dust.
- No screws or drilling. Keep windows†original structure.
- Mesh replaceable. Replace with sunblock mesh, dustproof mesh, pollen proof mesh as you wish.
- It can be used either indoor or outdoor. High-quality material suitable for all weather conditions.

How to install:

-- Clean the window frame surface

-- Attach adhesive tape

-- Press fly screen net onto the tape

-- Simply cut off the excess length


Product conforms to the original and very practical. No more mosquitoes at home. Top!

John Smith

We have tested this equipment for a view days in Colombia very near to a small river, and we are convinced that is a good buy for anybody with mosquito-problems

Micos Nilcos

Thank you very much. A mosquito? What is that ?

Joana Nicolson

We use your bracelets, they are great. It charges quickly and completely protects against insects, great.

Stefany April
Best quality
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