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Anti-Mosquito Bracelet

Anti-Mosquito Bracelet 1

Anti-Mosquito Bracelet

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Multipurpose: Perfect for kids and adults, these fun, colorful, anti-mosquito bracelets can also be worn indoors, thus saving you from the hassle of smearing your body with liquid repellents to keep those nasty insects at bay. Finally, you can have peace of mind, by wearing these amazing bracelets on your wrist at all times.

HIGH PERFORMANCE & REUSABLE - The mosquito repellent bracelets are made of 100% silicone which is durable, strong, colorful, reusable, waterproof, soft, and lightweight. You won't even notice you're wearing it so comfortable! 

Good design for a waterproof ring, you can enjoy playing water or swimming there are no limits! Every reusable bracelet is in the resealable travel bag, you could store it back to the package after use to stay fresh to continue the lifetime.

- Silicone material
- Fashionable and practical
- Mosquito repellent
- Easy to wear
- Pest Type: Pill Bugs


Product conforms to the original and very practical. No more mosquitoes at home. Top!

John Smith

We have tested this equipment for a view days in Colombia very near to a small river, and we are convinced that is a good buy for anybody with mosquito-problems

Micos Nilcos

Thank you very much. A mosquito? What is that ?

Joana Nicolson

We use your bracelets, they are great. It charges quickly and completely protects against insects, great.

Stefany April
Best quality
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