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Accelerated Pest Killer

Accelerated Pest Killer 1

Accelerated Pest Killer

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This Accelerated Pest Killer will protect your house or office from annoying bugs (aunt, file, mosquito, black Beetle, house mouse, fly, and cricket). You will not have to think about these annoying creatures. It is very easy to use. You just have to plug it in.

It uses ultrasonic waves to disturb and irritate the nervous system of pests to keep them away, which is no noise, no chemical, non- toxic and harmless.

It is safe for people's health. It works against insects smell, hearing, and nervous system.

It is safe to use it in every room in the house. The Accelerated Pest Killer will protect your home 24/7 from any unwanted pest settling in your home! You will get rid of common pests such as mosquito, flies, cockroach & rodents around your house. It does not affect your pet cat & dog. Don't hesitate anymore. Take action and enjoy pest-free life!


Latest Technology: This insect reject uses a smart chip that can emit powerful ultrasonic frequency waves to repel mosquitoes, mice, spiders, ants, flies, roaches, bugs, fleas, rats.

LED Night Light: This insect reject can illuminate your path with a special night LED.

Widely used: It can be widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, rooms, gardens, hotels, and other grain depots.

Human and Pet Safe - Unlike poisons, stickers, traps, and sprayers, the Insect Reject just expels pests away rather than kill them. This product relies on a microprocessor that creates a force field in your home by sending ultrasonic soundwave & pulses that randomly creates digital sequences that prevent pests from hiding within the walls. 

Cost-Effective & Power- saver: Don't need to waste much money on Pest Control Companies. The Insect Reject can provide you with long-lasting protection without additional cost. With power consumption taking less than 5W, you won’t even increase your electric bill

Works 24/7 - The repellent will constantly emit 20~55KHZ high-frequency ultrasonic waves so you will always be pest-free at home regardless of what time is it.

  1. Better to be installed at about 31 inches away from the floor.
  2. Simply plugin, the red LED light will illuminate, which indicates the device is working.
  3. Installing point should be avoided from the back of the curtain, fridge, and any other furniture that deterring sound waves.
  4. Ultrasonic waves can not travel through walls.


Product conforms to the original and very practical. No more mosquitoes at home. Top!

John Smith

We have tested this equipment for a view days in Colombia very near to a small river, and we are convinced that is a good buy for anybody with mosquito-problems

Micos Nilcos

Thank you very much. A mosquito? What is that ?

Joana Nicolson

We use your bracelets, they are great. It charges quickly and completely protects against insects, great.

Stefany April
Best quality
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