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Eco-Friendly Insect Killer

Eco-Friendly Insect Killer 1

Eco-Friendly Insect Killer

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The new generation Stop the Mosquito Racket Insect Killer lamp is an eco-friendly unit used for effectively trapping Mosquitos and flies without the use of pesticides, chemical sprays, and unpleasant odors. 

The units have a 360-degree air intake design and a purple light lamp attracting Mosquitos from all directions. The Mosquitos are sucked into the storage room by the fan and then dehydrated by air drying. 

The lamp has no electric shock noise and odor, the air is fresh and safe. The product has a soft light as a night light, which does not affect sleep and creates a comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Power: 5W
Lifespan: 3 Years
Applicable Area: 20-50 Square Meter
Certification: CCC
Voltage: 110-240V
Color: White
Light: 365 NM UV Light
Mosquito Killing Methods: Wind Power
Wavelength: 360-420NM
Special for: Mosquitoes, flies and other insects
Work Modes: Powerful/Sleep
Light Modes: UV/Warm Light
Timing: 8h/12h


Product conforms to the original and very practical. No more mosquitoes at home. Top!

John Smith

We have tested this equipment for a view days in Colombia very near to a small river, and we are convinced that is a good buy for anybody with mosquito-problems

Micos Nilcos

Thank you very much. A mosquito? What is that ?

Joana Nicolson

We use your bracelets, they are great. It charges quickly and completely protects against insects, great.

Stefany April
Best quality
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