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How to Avoid Mosquitoes

How To Avoid Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carry diseases that you really want to avoid. If you thought too hard about malaria, Dengue Fever, Japanese encephalitis, Ross River fever, and West Nile Virus you’d probably never leave home. Well, our old home was mosquito-ridden, we lived in tropical Far North Queensland Australia and Dengue fever was an almost annual visitor. Most of the time we avoided the mosquitos because we didn’t want itchy bites that could become infected in the tropical heat, but sometimes, things got more serious.

We did pretty well at avoiding being bitten. Here are our best tips for how to avoid mosquitoes:


1. Know Your Enemy. Types of Mosquito to Avoid

There are almost 3,000 species of mosquito in the world. They come in different shapes and sizes and have different habits. They also carry different diseases.

You need to know that the Dengue fever mosquito, Aedes Aegypti, is active by day and likes cities and clean water to breed in.

Other mosquitos prefer dawn, dusk, and a muddy puddle for their nursery. There is no truly safe time, you always need to be vigilant.


2. Check the Stats and Monitor Outbreaks of Dengue

Before you visit a country, check online to see if there are any current outbreaks of Dengue fever or other mosquito-borne diseases. If there are, reconsider your timing or be extra vigilant.

You should always check the malaria map for anywhere you think may be a risk. Click here for Thailand’s malaria map.

Back in Queensland, we had maps like these to pinpoint Dengue outbreaks. Dengue mosquitos don’t fly far, so it’s possible to really pin down sources.


3. The Wet Season is the Worst

The wet season in any country brings standing water, perfect for mosquito breeding. Avoid areas with standing water, even saucers under pot plants make good breeding grounds. Some mosquitoes breed in clear water, some muddy.

Countries such as Sri Lanka, Laos, Bali, even Far North Queensland have periodic, seasonal Dengue outbreaks where infection rates go through the roof. Check for current Dengue outbreaks and be super careful if you’re heading into one.


5. Mosquito Proof Accommodation

Look for rooms with screens, no open vents, or air bricks. It’s quite common for bathrooms to have vents for steam to escape, if you find yourself in a room with vents make sure you keep the bathroom door shut.
Don’t leave lights on at night if there are vents. We learned that the hard way, we woke to a bathroom clouded with little bloodsuckers one morning in Mirissa.

Air conditioning helps keep the mozzies at bay and keep your doors shut.


6. Don't Wear Black

Mosquito magnets wear black. My husband, just this morning, had a swarm of mozzies following him up the road seemingly in love with his black T-shirt.

Mosquitoes like dark shady places and your black T-shirt looks good to them. How to keep mosquitoes away? Stick to light colors.

7. Uses efficient auxiliaries

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